World Bowler Ranking Since August 1

Below are the top bowlers in our world rankings.

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 Rank Bowler NameTotal
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750370Facebook1Corey Mendel960
702693Facebook2Tracy Quigley950
760645Facebook3Jhustin Gomez900
665371Facebook4Bob Rubel900
707029Facebook5Dawson Lavergne890
333908Facebook6Daniel White860
589218Facebook7Justin Helms810
489458Facebook8Ellie Maloney800
583053Facebook9Mark Edwards790
333588Facebook10Randy Kratz770
772552Facebook11Steven Schutte770
768897Facebook12Zikri Hodza750
612644Facebook13Willie Jones750
774142Facebook14Donn Tolit740
756266Facebook15Troy Hoskins730
588110Facebook16Guadalupe Contreras730
750043Facebook17Anthony Crispin720
452873Facebook18Dee Robbs710
766332Facebook19Michael Romine700
764801Facebook20James Grutter690
695893Facebook21Dwayne Johnson680
699823Facebook22Sydney D'onofrio670
601667Facebook23Paul Veslock660
490202Facebook24Derek Van Horn660
750033Facebook25Joseph Kukic660
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